At a young age, my grandma introduced me to a plethora of natural herbs and plants grown right beneath our feet. Little did I know that those moments would ignite in me a passion to birth my own brand, “Essence of Mika.” Born and raised in Georgia, I have had the chance to see all of the beautifully natural and diverse herbs that grow from the ground. Despite my experiences and keen interest at a young age, it took me a while to fully begin my journey. As of January 2018, I have started my journey to living a complete holistic lifestyle. On this journey, I ask that you join me as I share my experiences, lessons and tips. To date, I am overjoyed and grateful of the support that YOU - my customers - have shown and continue to show. Not only your support in purchasing items, but also providing your constructive and complimentary feedback. I appreciate it all! Please know that I am here for you and love answering any questions or concerns that you may have. I hope that you enjoy this site and gain understanding in the importance of embracing the natural products that this Earth has to offer. My mission is to simply make herbal health obtainable for everyone! 

With love,